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    Our partnership with Sightsavers

    Our partnership with Sightsavers

    When we first came up with our idea for this website, we asked ourselves what we could do different, what we could do to make ourselves noticeable. So we decided that instead of going for the standard marketing clinches, we would do something with a bit more heart. We decided to give something back and to do this we decided to form a partnership with Sightsavers. Our resident optician and our CEO have had experience with them in the past and thought it would be great to help a charity that prides itself on providing sight.

    Our optician has previously worked for them which gave us the trust we needed to choose the right charity to work with. While our CEO has seen how they worked and was impressed by their infrastructure, personally observing the large shelter in Pakistan. Frames Foundry is new and wouldn't know where to help or how, so with the already well established Sightsavers, we hope that our "Buy one, Give one" could help the people that needs it most. Sightsavers has promptly given us their blessing for this idea and we launched it with the website. This has proven to us that they were the right place to go to.

    This scheme means that for every pair of glasses sold by Frames Foundry we will give £1.50 to Sightsavers, effectively getting the customer involved in the charitable process. We think that getting the customer involved is the right way to make them feel like part of the act; make them feel like they are giving back with their purchase.

    To this end we have made sure to let it be known through our social media accounts and on our website. Which lets us spread the word about out promise and hopefully do some good for developing nations. If you want to find out more please visit Our Promise page.