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    Frames Foundry VisionCare

    Eye Test at Home

    Get the eye care you deserve with a free home eye test from our qualified opticians at Frames Foundry VisionCare. The new way of treatment at home is now possible due to advancement in medical science and technology.

    Your home eye test can be funded by NHS and can be absolutely free. To see if you are eligible for a free eye test at home, visit our Eligibility for Free Home Eye Test page.  Your eye test will also be completely free if you purchase a pair of glasses at the time of your eye test. You may even qualify for free glasses or partial cost of glasses; see the Eligibility for Free Glasses page.

    The eyes are perhaps the most important parts of the body to take care of. Without eyes a person has no guidance and can hardly function. Everyday tasks such as taking a bath, walking to the kitchen to make breakfast, or driving to the store are almost impossible without the eyes being able to lead the way. Little joys in life such as watching a sunset or seeing the smile on a child's face are stripped away with no eyes. That is why having proper eye care is paramount. Lack of appropriate eye care can lead to severe vision distortion and eventually blindness.

    Earlier, you have to walk to the clinic and have proper treatment then and there. This would be a kind of secondary problem for old age people.

    But fortunately in this growing world one need not face at least such problem. Simply follow the steps given below for free home eye test at home in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire:


    1. Request a home visit
    2. Eye test delivered by our optician at home
    3. Select your glasses
    4. Glasses delivered and fitted at your home

    At present, we provide the following services:


    • Eye care at home
    • Free NHS eye test
    • Low vision assessment
    • Magnifiers and telescopes

    Get cured in the atmosphere of home. The experienced and qualified opticians are here to deliver comprehensive check up and treatment required.

    To learn more about each step of the eye test, visit Your Free Home Eye Test page.

    To book your eye test at home, call us today or simply click on the button below to fill the home visit request form:


    Call 0118 402 8929


    Online Frame Selection

    We have a huge selection and variety of glasses to choose from.  All the frames are available online to browse and choose from.  If you like a frame, simply note down the model number and inform our optician during the home visit.  To browse our collections online, click on the appropriate link below:


                                 Men Collection        Women Collection