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    Looking at the internet revolution and growing trends in buying glasses online, we have decided to setup Frames Foundry which can provide high quality and trendy products with excellent customer service.  The team behind Frames Foundry has tremendous experience in the optometry and retail sectors.  In fact, our company culture is driven by a passion to serve our customers and provide them with quality eyewear; eyewear that will make our customers feel good and look good.

    Our Goal

    At Frames Foundry, we want to build a brand that people can relate to and a company that is built on the foundation to help improve the eye health of people who cannot afford even basic healthcare in developing countries.  Hence we have made a promise to give a pair of glasses to people in need throughout developing countries for free; for every pair of prescription glass bought through our website.

    Our Core Values 

    • Procure quality eyewear and bring new brands to the market
    • Provide high quality service to delight our customers
    • Treat our customers, partners and employees with dignity and respect
    • Fulfil our social responsibility by our “buy one give one” promise
    • Be transparent in our pricing
    • Create a culture of creativity and warmth

    Support us in our cause to help improve the eye health of people in developing countries.  To buy, simply browse our catalogue and select your next pair of glasses.


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