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    Have you ever bought a pair of spectacles frames that you really like BUT your prescription has changed? The HIGH STREET OPTICIANS are never keen to use your frames and encourage you to buy MORE. Now you can send us your frames that you want to keep and we can put new lenses in them, making them brand new again!!

    Just follow the 3 simple steps

    1. Fill out our reglaze form to work out how much you will save.
    2. Send your frames together with the completed form to our office.
    3. We will place new lenses to your requirement, into those frames, spruce the frames up and post them back to you.
    4. EASY!!

    Price Checker

    Lens Options /per pair Single Vision Bifocal Varifocal
    Standard Thickness Uncoated CR39 £25 £55 £95
    Standard Thickness Lens with Scratch Resistance £37 £67 £107
    Standard Thickness Lens with Scratch Resistance and Anti-Reflection £40 £70 £110
    Thinner Lens 1.6 with Scratch Resistance, Anti-Reflection and UV400 £50 £80 £120
    Super Thin Lens 1.69 with Scratch Resistance, Anti-Reflection and UV400 £84 N/A £154
    Trilogy Super Tough Lens Standard Thickness £84 N/A N/A


    There are some simple checks you must make on your frame before you send them in, so that they are suitable to be reglazed. PLEASE REMEMBER WE WILL ADD £4.50 FOR POSTAGE

    Please READ.  If you are unsure, just call us on our HOTLINE and our Optician will help.

    Plastic frames Ensure there are no cracks/ faded areas in the plastic frame as they can become brittle with age and split
    Metal frames Ensure the frame is not bent/ twisted or broken.  The screws must not be secured with any superglue and the screws/ threads should be in good condition
    Rimless frames Please ensure that the pins securing the lenses are not permanent  pins that cannot be removed