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    Eye test at home by Frames Foundry VisionCare 

    Your eye test will be conducted by a highly qualified and experienced optician. We pride ourselves in our experience with home visits and our optician’s exemplary bedside manner and professionalism in delivering highly satisfying eye tests.


    Multilingual Eye Tests

    Our opticians are multilingual.  We currently support English, Urdu, Punjabi, Malay and Hindi.  If you need support in a particular language, please mention that at the time of booking your appointment.  If your required language is not listed above, we will make every effort to arrange someone who speaks your language.  You will be notified of the arrangement before your appointment is confirmed.


    Your Free Eye Test in 4 Easy Steps

    Your free eye test is explained in four easy steps below:


    Step 1 - Request a home visit

    Requesting an eye test at home is easy.  Simply give us a call or fill the request form below.  We will give you a call, answer the questions that you may have and book a convenient time for the optician to come out and conduct the eye test in the comfort of your home.


    Step 2 - Eye test delivered by our optician at home

    On the day of the eye test, our optician will call you at least an hour before the eye test to confirm the appointment.  During the eye test, our optician will discuss your eyecare history and any problems that you may have been suffering from.  Our optician will use portable equipment which is specially designed for use at home.


    Step 3 - Select your glasses

    We have a huge collection of glasses to choose from.  You can browse our collection online or view the range carried by our optician.  If you require a new pair of glasses after the test, our optician will help you select a pair for you.  At that point you can also discuss your eligibility requirements for full or partial NHS funding towards the cost of your glasses. 

    To browse our collections online, click on the appropriate link below:


                                 Men Collection        Women Collection


    Step 4 - Glasses delivered to your home

    Your glasses will be made by our highly qualified technicians and will be quality tested and delivered to you within 14 days of our visit.  You will also be provided a written record of your prescription.  If we need more time with the preparation of your glasses, we will inform you.



    For more information about the free eye test and eligibility requirements, visit the following pages: