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    Frequently asked questions related to your prescription are given below, if you have other questions, please just send it to
    You can get a copy of your prescription from your optician. Your optician is legally obliged to provide you with a copy. If you have lost your copy, you can just go back to your optician and they will print one for you.
    According to UK laws, the prescription cannot be more than 2 years old. The frequency of your eye tests will depend on your age and health. At the time of your eye test, your optician will advise you on how frequently you need to get your eyes tested.
    We have a prescription guide which you can refer to in order to understand your prescription. Or simply contact us and we will help answer your questions.
    Pupillary Distance or interpupillary distance is the distance between the centres of the pupils in each eye.
    You can ask your optician to provide your PD. Alternatively, you can refer to our PD Measurement Guide which will guide you on how to take a picture and send to us so we can calculate your PD using our special algorithm.

    Frames Foundry can only fulfil orders within the following ranges:

    • The combined total of Sphere (SPH) and Cylinder (CYL) is below +/-7
    • The Cylinder (CYL) is below +/-4
    • The difference in the prescription between the two eyes should be below 3.5 Dioptres
    • At this point in time, we cannot offer any prescription with prism